How to Develop Analytical Skills and Thinking: Effective Exercises for Children and Adults

There are different skills, the development of which can be useful to the child in later life. For example, being able to think analytically, it’s easier to solve a problem, faster peers find a way out of a difficult situation. Let’s find out what methods of developing analytical skills are suitable for children and adults.

The Concept of Analytical Thinking

Analytical thinking is called thinking, thanks to which it’s possible to:

  • Structure information quickly, highlighting the very essence.
  • Sort data into blocks and analyze them.

A person with this ability can make logical decisions as quickly as possible. He makes reasonable inferences based on facts.

A person who works on the development of analytical thinking doesn’t allow emotions to take over. He remains clear-headed in any situation.

With analytical skills, a person solves a problem step by step:

  • Identifies several ways that will help cope with the problem.
  • Analyzes all the options, evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Chooses the most effective solution.

This approach is the most practical and reasonable. To learn how to use it, and use methods of development of analytical abilities.

Intellectual Training

It’s possible to improve analytical skills independently at home. Intellectual training – puzzles, exercises of different levels of complexity will help. There are both adult and children’s puzzles.

We offer several techniques with which to develop analytical thinking:

  • Chess games. This game with simple rules develops thinking well. If you cannot find a real opponent, install a computer game or a mobile app.
  • Unusual PC games. This category comprises even the simplest titles you have never tried, like real money online slots or the easiest browser games.
  • Puzzles. They are especially popular among children. There are different versions of puzzles, including rebuses, crosswords, mazes.
  • Math exercises. All algebraic operations performed in the mind are good for training analytical thinking.
  • Programming. Writing codes “trains” the brain. Since programming is quite complex, it’s rather suitable for teenagers and adults.

If you do this kind of training regularly, the result will become noticeable soon enough.


To improve a child’s analytical thinking, games will do:

  • Puzzles. The smaller its parts, the more difficult it is for the brain to “put together” a picture. Engaging in the search for elements, the child also trains attention and perseverance. For students, it’s better to choose puzzles with no more than 500 parts.
  • Quests. Their complexity and duration is limited only by the imagination of parents. You can find ready-made scenarios on the Internet or come up with your own quest.
  • Board games. A suitable option where it’s necessary to think over every step and to build a strategy.

The game form allows you to train a skill in a fun way, and with pleasure. The main thing is that parents find time for these activities.

Exercises That Can Be Done Daily 

It’s unnecessary to make a special effort to improve analytical skills. There are simple exercises that do not require special conditions. You can try them:

  • Form useful habits. Set a goal of reading a few pages of a book every day, solving computational or logic problems in your mind.
  • Remember the past, analyze the present, plan for the future. Think about where this or that solution might lead.
  • Look for patterns. Think back to all your routines and activities. Surely they must have some correlation.
  • Do some analysis. Reflect on your own and others’ actions. You can analyze the characters in a movie or talk show.
  • Plan a conversation. Try to guess where the conversation will turn after this or that phrase. Such an exercise will improve your thinking and allow you to communicate more comfortably.

The effect of the exercise will be if you do it regularly.

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