How to choose commercial asbestos removal services?

There are different types of asbestos in your commercial property, which need to be dealt with carefully. If you are unaware of the kind of material that has been in your property for many years, then you could be exposing yourself and your staff to dangerous asbestos fibres daily. 

So, if you think it’s high time your property needs asbestos removal, you must contact the best services for commercial asbestos removal in Brisbane. The average costs for asbestos removal in Brisbane may range between $50 and $ 150 per square metre depending on factors like condition, type and volume.

However, there are other things you need to consider when choosing a commercial asbestos removal company. 

Consider your budget.

Consider how much you’re willing to spend on your project and how to get the job done. You may also have other options—for example, if one contractor cannot fulfil their end of the deal or the other charges too much money. If so, having multiple bids from different vendors could help ensure everyone involved gets what they deserve in terms of compensation.

Choose a licensed company.

Always choose a licensed company in Brisbane that uses approved methods when removing the material. A reputable company for commercial asbestos removal in Brisbane should have ISO and AS certifications that ensure the highest safety standards during work. Opting for the services of a licensed company in Brisbane also means that all employees are trained to deliver high-quality work and instructed on handling asbestos properly.

Inquire about the areas of specialisation.

While most people think of asbestos removal as something that happens only when a building gets demolished, it’s common for commercial buildings to have asbestos problems.

The types of areas that these companies specialise in removing asbestos from include commercial buildings like offices, factories and other large space structures. These are often built with materials like cinder blocks or concrete slabs made from recycled asphalt shingles instead of stronger materials like bricks or stone blocks which would not contain any insulation material inside them, such as an insulating binder. If these materials are damaged by water damage, then they will break down over time due to mould growth inside them which releases toxic fumes into the air around them, causing serious health risks!

Know the time taken to complete a task.

Asbestos removal contractors should be able to tell you exactly how much time they think it will take them based on the type of work needed and where materials are stored. If there are any uncertainties about how long something will take them—like if there are multiple types of asbestos-containing materials present—then make sure that person explains all possibilities, so there aren’t any surprises later down the road.

Learn about insurance and bonding types.

When hiring a commercial asbestos removal company in Brisbane, check if it has proper insurance and bond coverage. Asbestos removal companies should also provide proof that they have bondable coverage through an insurance policy or bonding agent on file during their operations so that if there were any problems with their workmanship or materials used during removal, you would be covered by those policies.


Commercial asbestos removal can be complicated, but placing your trust in the right people will help you figure out the best way forward. When looking for commercial asbestos removal services in Brisbane, it is important to check out the testimonials of previous clients. It will help you get an idea of what kind of service they provide and how satisfied they are with their experience.

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